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our shuffleboard is back

in action!

recently added to

the jukebox

check back soon to find out when our shuffleboard tournament will return...

shuffleboard rules of play:

  • play rock, paper, scissors to decide who goes first

  • players slide their four weights from the same end alternately, attempting to get them as near as possible to the end of the board without falling off

  • the weight must pass the foul line and not drop off the end of the table to count

  • players can deliberately knowck already played weights out of play

  • once all weights have been pushed down the table, and add up the points - only the weights of the winning player, that are in front of the opponents weights count

  • a weight that lands on or touching a line, counts as being in the lower scoring area

  • a weight that half hangs off the end of the table is called a 'hanger' and you receive a bonus point for this

  • for a two player game the winner is the first to 15 points, for doubles, it's 21

our real vinyl jukebox is free to play and

our collection is updated every wednesday

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